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Pine Lakes Lodge’s wedding planning blog

Welcome to Pine Lakes Lodge’s wedding planning blog!

As you may know from strolling through our site, weddings are a fun and exciting element to our life here at Pine Lakes.  While they are fun and exciting for us, they can be a source of stress and worry for brides, grooms, parents, bridal parties, and anyone else roped in to take on some of the countless tasks and responsibilities that go along with the planning and execution of one of the most important days in a person’s life.   That is where we come in: with a well-trained, well-informed, and well-mannered staff, we use our experience and expertise to be of the utmost assistance to our brides and grooms.    For some, this assistance means taking the reins and doing it all; for others, it means getting out of the way and letting them do their own thing; but for most, it means a little of both.   Again, we are here to help, and as each wedding is unique, our roles adapt to fit each couple’s needs.

Up until this point, our knowledge and services have really only been available to those who get married here (makes sense, right?).  So is the purpose of this aspect of our website to blow our own horns and drum up business?  The simple answer is: no.  Our lodge pretty much sells itself and as hard as I could try, I couldn’t toot loud enough to match the power of the beauty here.  However, with this blog, we hope to share what we have learned—be it tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts, how-to’s and how-not-to’s (I think you get my point)—with anyone who cares to read what we have to say.  In turn, we hope that you will share your thoughts and ideas with us as well.  I love to talk and love to bounce ideas off of friends and colleagues, so why not open this up to all who wish to post and contribute? (I love to listen, too!)

That being said, we look forward to the discussions which will ensue 🙂

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