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Copyrights and Marks

Copyrights and Marks (copyrights, trademarks, service marks)

Pine Lakes Lodge Bed and Breakfast and Ohio Conference Center  is a best-practices company, and as such, we make every effort abide by all applicable laws and regulations governing Copyrights and Marks (includes Copyrights, Trademarks and Service Marks).

We respect U.S. Copyright and support the endeavors of the Creative Commons that develops, supports, and stewards legal and technical infrastructure that maximizes digital creativity, sharing, and innovation. See related Terms of Use.

We endeavor to seek out any partner brand standards in displaying a third-party logo and use appropriate attribution and/or permission. Per guidelines generally stipulated by best-practices, we display a:

© for copyright
™ for trademark
® for registered trademark
℠ for service mark

In like manner, Pine Lakes Lodge has invested considerably in its Brand and our design, as well as in our named brand and our Bed and Breakfast and Ohio Conference Center that are part of the Pine Lakes brand to include Pine Lakes Cabins – Ohio cabin rentals – in our family of brands.


The Pine Lakes Cabins logo is our corporate name and brand. Its related design display is annotated as being copyrighted. A © followed by either a single year date or date range, as in 2010-2012, may display on our website (footer region) or on our print materials (web PDFs, print, etc.). The absence of this attribution by intentional or accidental omission in our use does not imply the lack of copyright. Anyone else who mentions our brand on web or print without our written permission or a link to our website should attribute our copyright appropriately by footnote.

Any questions concerning the use or permissions related to our Brands, marks, documents or website should be directed to:

Upon observation that Pine Lakes Lodge has failed to appropriately attribute a product, company name or other entity, we respectfully request that said party immediately bring the matter to our full attention. Please direct complete details about our error along with the necessary correction and complete contact information to: Upon written notification, necessary corrections will be made as soon as possible. Further, with contact information provided, Pine Lakes Lodge will communicate proof of the correction or provide compelling reasons why said correction is not required.

Third Parties Linking to Pine Lakes Lodge website:

We welcome relevant third party links to our Website, but would appreciate the courtesy of a request at or complete our Feedback Form. Often, such links can be beneficial for both parties, but we do not subscribe to bad or unethical SEO practices or adding our website url to link farms.

  • For those who receive authorization to link to our website, we would like the text link displayed to say: Pine Lakes Lodge with or as the URL.
  • If we discover our website url is listed in an undesirable, inappropriate manner, we will send a notice to request removal. Failure to remove will result in additional action.

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